Nelson Brothers Construction Management

Student Housing And Assisted Living

Quality Construction

Nelson Brothers has been providing quality construction services to a range of industries ever since the company was establishes in 2009.  Since we’ve been doing work on student housing, we have gained experience on more than 22 projects.

Faster Construction

Faster construction, less disruption, and state-of-the-art construction has made Nelson Brothers the ideal student housing construction solution.

Flexibility Requirements

What differentiates the Nelson Brothers from many in the student housing industry is their flexibility in terms of size requirements. We really look at the quality rather than the size. 


We seek properties that are well located but that may be in need of renovations and/or improved management

Cost Efficiency

Nelson Brothers has the experience and skilled builders needed to deliver projects on time, within budget, and with minimal disruption of the campus community.

Construction Management Made Easy


Why choose Nelson Brothers?

Cost-effective improvements
Value-added opportunities
Quality rather
than size
Flexible size requirements
Well located

Do you know of a site that we should evaluate?

Please review our development criteria below and contact us.

We typically seek development opportunities for communities of 200 units or more but will consider smaller projects in select markets, such as infill locations or close proximity to campus. In evaluating potential development sites, we generally seek infill sites of at least three acres and suburban sites of at least ten acres. We also have the ability to add a retail component and create unique mixed-use developments.
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We are seeking tracts of land suitable for the development of student housing and assisted living projects throughout the country. Nelson Brothers invests directly but will consider joint-venture structures on a case-by-case basis.
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