Nelson Brothers Construction Management

Nelson Brothers Construction Management handles all design and construction management for its own nationwide portfolio, as well as third-party contracts. The team is comprised of professionals with experience totaling more than 35 projects and $750 million in construction and real estate-related due diligence. Nelson Brothers also takes a uniquely integrated approach by working in close coordination with the acquisitions and operations teams to ensure a seamless transition from the business plan, to construction, to stabilization. Aside from the daily management and oversight of the design, construction and project consultants, the Construction Team is involved in the upfront due diligence and underwriting process, as well as long-term capital planning, budgeting, and facilities management.

  • Strive for the perfect balance between form and function
  • Question standard norms before choosing to obey them.
  • Communicate with clarity, be complex.
  • Embrace the difficult decision that drive creativity forward.
  • Constructive collegiality is key to the stimulation of ideas.
  • Trust in collaboration the hallmark of our work.

We are seeking tracts of land suitable for the development of student housing and assisted living projects throughout the country. Nelson Brothers invests directly but will consider joint-venture structures on a case-by-case basis.

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